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Can I watch the videos on my computer?
Can I watch the videos on my computer?

Yes you can watch the videos on your computer.

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Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and you are using one of our support browsers. See below.

  1. If you already have a subscription, just use your login credentials to sign in otherwise you need to sign up first.

  2. Click on the product or collection you want to watch.

  3. The video page will load and the video will start playing immediately.

  4. You can then make it full screen, or leave a comment.

  5. Enjoy!

We recommend the following browsers when trying to watch or browse content.

Browser Operating System Version

Google Chrome: OSX, Windows, Android 69+

Mozilla Firefox: OSX, Windows 58+

Safari: OSX, iOS 10+

Microsoft Edge: Windows 15+

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