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How can I cancel my subscription?
How can I cancel my subscription?

Find out how you can cancel your subscription

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Oh no, you want to leave? To help us create a better fitness app, please let us know the reason why you want to leave. We appreciate any feedback. Only that way we can make the app better.

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message over the chat box or at [email protected]. We are more than happy to help you to find the right program and to answer any questions. 

If you signed up via the website you can cancel (or pause) your subscription on the purchases settings page. Please note that paused subscriptions will be automatically charged once the pause period is over.

  1. Sign in to your account on

  2. On the top right of the homepage, click on the round avatar icon and choose Manage Subscription

  3. Here you can cancel or pause (only monthly) your subscription

If you got a gift subscription you don't need to cancel it, it will end automatically.

If you signed up within an Apple iOS or Apple TV app, go here:

If you signed up within a Google Play/Android app, go here:

If you signed up within a Roku channel, go here:

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