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Are your programs suitable for all fitness levels?
Are your programs suitable for all fitness levels?

Find out for which fitness level our programs are suitable.

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Yes, we have lots of programs for all fitness levels. 

The Pre-Prep Program is our easiest starting point. If you are having an injury or need to start at the beginning, this is your program.

If it's your first time working out, you had injuries in the past or you just want to have the best possible starting point begin with our Prep Program. Our Pre-Prep and Prep Program will improve shoulder, hip and spine health.

Bodyweight Training 2.0 is for everyone that has already trained before, and is new to our programs. If you have trained with our DVDs or the YAYOG app this is where you would start. Bodyweight Training 2.0 focuses on posture, mobility and strength/

If you have completed Bodyweight Training 2.0 you can move onto the 90-Day Challenge. The 90-Day Challenge is a High Intensity Interval Training with 3-4 workouts a week.

After that you can choose between the Daily Workouts, HIIT program, Strength Training program or Quick Workout program. 

You can choose and build your own program or combine programs:

  • Bodyweight Rehabilitation (Prep Workouts)

  • Bodyweight Training 2.0 (Mobility, Coordination, Posture & Strength)

  • 90 Day Challenge (3 Levels with 24 workouts)

  • Strength Training (Ladders, Circuit, Sport Complexes)

  • Quick Workouts (Under 20 minutes)

  • Sport Specific Workouts (Running, Swimming, Agility)

  • You Are Your Own Gym (9 workouts for all levels)

  • Mobility Rx- Elite Functional Exercise (EFX)

  • Focus 15 (Legs & Glutes, Upper Body, Total Core)

  • You Are Your Own Gym Vol. 2 ( Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)

If you are not sure what program is right for you please send us a message via the chat box or at [email protected] and we are very happy to help. 

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