Yes, we have lots of programs for all fitness levels. 

You can choose and build your own program:

  • Bodyweight Rehabilitation (Active Recovery/Warm Up)
  • Bodyweight Training 2.0 (Mobility, Coordination, Posture & Strength)
  • 90 Day Challenge (3 Levels with 24 workouts)
  • Sport Specific Workouts (Running, Swimming, Agility)
  • You Are Your Own Gym (9 workouts for all levels)
  • Mobility Rx- Elite Functional Exercise (EFX)
  • Focus 15 (Legs & Glutes, Upper Body, Total Core)
  • You Are Your Own Gym Vol. 2 ( Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Free Weight Routines (planned)
  • Ladder Workouts (Strength Training)
  • Quick Workouts

Mark Lauren On Demand features all levels of difficulty. You can also sort workouts by difficulty. You can download your schedule here: or login to your account and go to Training Plans.
If you are not sure what program is right for you please send us a message via the chat box or at and we are very happy to help. 

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